Q: Can I apply online?

Yes! You are now able to apply online by clicking the link located under Jobs tab. You may also apply in person at our office, located at 18015 Yantis Way, San Antonio, TX 78247. We are open to applicants M-F 8AM to 5PM. Please bring your personal identification paperwork and come dressed in pants and boots in case we need to send you out for field testing.

Q: I applied. Can you tell me if I’m getting a job?

Please give us a call (210) 383-5168 to follow up on your application status.

Q: Do I need to have experience? 

With experience, we can designate you to the best position for you. We also hire people with little to no experience and we provide training.

Q: Where do you hire? Do you have jobs outside of Texas?

We hire in San Antonio and Austin and surrounding areas. Our work is local. We do not have jobs outside of the state or these cities.

Q: Do you provide per diem, housing, accommodations, hotels or transport?

No, we do not. Our employees are responsible for their own housing and transportation.

Q: I have a lot of laborer experience, but I have a misdemeanor criminal record. Will this background affect my chances of getting a job?

You can apply.  All of our applicants will be subject to drug testing.

Q: Do you hire women?

Absolutely. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Q: Do you hire subcontractors?

Yes, we use subcontractors for different types of work.

Q: Does the company require a GED or high school diploma? 


Q: How often will I get paid?

Employees are paid every Friday (weekly).

Q: What are your hourly rates?

Our wages are listed under the “jobs” tab of this website.

Q: How long are the shifts?

Monday to Friday, 7am to 5:30pm and some Saturdays.

Q: Do you pay overtime?


Q: Do superintendents get company vehicles?


Q: What are the benefits the company offers?

Yantis offers competitive wage packages as well as multiple paid benefits and 401k. We also offer company paid training, promotion from within and we allow our employees to participate in company profits through a bonus system.

Q: Do you speak Spanish?

Yes. We are a bi-lingual company and we hire that way.

Q: Do you need a driver’s license to work there?

License not required unless you are applying for a position that requires driving.

Q: What kind of blades do you use?

We own mostly 140 m’s. However, we own a wide fleet of machinery as well.

Our services include excavation, clearing, mass grading, sewer improvements, water improvements, asphalt paving, concrete paving, and drainage construction.
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